Teenage girl with high libido shocks people when she proudly confirms sleeping with six married men at once

Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba in one of his songs sang that when the world punches you, don’t accept to fall down, instead punch it back. It seems the lesson 24 year old woman known as Ms Tessa took from the time she has been on the face of the planet.

While appearing on a TV show in Lusaka Zambia, Ms Tessa disclosed that she’s currently dating 6 married men. She says that it’s like a service she offers and these men all put her on a payroll. Tessa says that she earns almost 2 million shillings as her salary. This is quite higher than most civil servants in different countries. She further reveals how she sets terms and conditions for all these men before they get down to business.

Asked what she gives them in return, Tessa says that bl0w J0bs are what keeps them coming back because it’s what they never get from their wives. She then said she doesn’t look for these men but they look for her because her services are rare.

“I’m happy being a side chick to 6 different married men. They all put me on a monthly salary and i make K10,000. I give them those condition of putting me on a salary for me to perform my marvelous services” she brags.

“I don’t follow these men, they follow me because of my services. The eldest I’m dating is 50 Years old and others are above 35” she said.

One of the panelists who’s probably never had a BJ asked if she kisses them back with the same mouth that eats their sausage and she replied with a smiley yes.

“You mean you kiss six men’s private parts with that same mouth? God must forgive you. Some of these mouths men kiss are so disgusting ” Tony said.

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