Andrew Mwenda; NUP Only Turned Out To Be An Ethnic Party In 2021 Elections

Andrew Mwenda has said NUP only turned out to be an ethnic party in the January 2021 presidential elections. The veteran journalist said the influence of NUP is only around Buganda which means they are not yet a national party as they think. According to him, FDC had a national character that NUP lacks.

“NUP emerged as an ethnic party in the 2021 elections. I don’t know if they have any MPs out of Buganda.

FDC seemed to have a national character. You can see Bobi Wine (NUP) won in Buganda; it projected itself as an ethnic party.”

On top of this, he further said Bobi Wine will not risk being in the political trenches.

He says NUP should look into getting a career politician like Besigye.

“Bobi Wine is a businessman and a musician. He will not be in the political trenches. I think NUP will in the future have to get a career politician of the Besigye type. Besigye has paid the highest price in Uganda and Africa at large.”

Away from the politics, he also commented on the lockdowns Uganda has been having. According to him, the lockdowns are also unnecessary given the effect they have had on people.

“The government looked at health and ignored other things that affect people.
Uganda didn’t need all these measures we have undertaken. There was no need for a lockdown in Uganda and no need for a lockdown in the future,”

Andrew Mwenda is a very controversial journalist. Some people have named him a government Spokesperson because his loyalty apparently lies there. However, there is no evidence to support this in anyway.

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