Singer Catherine Kusasira reveals how NUP and Bobi Wine are NRM creations

Singer Catherine Kusasira has decided to reveal what she’s been sitting on after being chased from the burial of Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukaaga’s father a few days ago.

Kusasira was not chased alone but together with another singer Big Eye. Being chased and rejected is not an easy thing to handle and clearly, it rubbed Kusasira the wrong way.

She, therefore, decided to rip NUP and Bobi Wine apart during an exclusive interview with Sanyuka TV.

The Mukugu singer says that she’s both appalled and surprised at how NUP supporters act and brag like they know everything about their party and leader.

According to Kusasira none of the people who chased her are well known by Bobi Wine or Mathias Walukaaga than they do with her.

She further said that she has a personal relationship with the two since they are all musicians. Besides, she can’t get a problem and neither of them fails to show up.

She added that she’s however disappointed in how Bobi Wine failed to calm the mourners who clearly were his supporters when she turned up.

These chased her away and she decided to calmly walk away since as NRM supporters, they are humble.

She added that NUP is just a wind that will pass just like Besigye and FDC. Besides all the NUP leaders have connections in the NRM and the party was created by the government.

“I wonder why these people act so much like they own NUP. Do they know who formed and registered NUP? All I can tell you is that NUP is an NRM branch and this is a blowing wind that will eventually come to pass just like the times of Besigye or even the late mayor Ssebagala.

Take a look at Walukaaga, who do you think saved his house when it was being taken, Bobi Wine himself used to work with Kayuhura, Hilderman was the next of kin to Amelia Kyambadde. All these are NRM products,” Kusasira said.

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