Pastor Irene Manjeri’s ex husband exposes her dirty secrets

Recently city pastor Irene Manjeri revealed that her husband who is also a pastor Vincent Katongole has been sleeping around adding that he wants to kill her so he can marry another woman .

She alleged further that he has children with three different women after making her stay faithful for over ten years.

Katongole has now come out with his side of the truth saying that he divorced her in 2002 officially after she made him a slave in their home.

He explained that she didn’t respect him as a man in the house and gave him orders to follow. He disclosed that she would punish him whenever he failed to follow the rules.

“One one day she locked me out of the house because I came late . I wasn’t allowed to come beyond 8 pm. I slept outside the gate over 6 times.

“My friends advised that people would kill me if I continue sleeping at the gate so I slept elsewhere so I slept out 14 times,” He said

Frustrated Katongole disclosed that the major reason he dumped her was because of her temper and the fact that she had an AK47 in the house.

“When you talk about her she tells you how she’s connected to state house, by then she used to talk of Kayihura. Our home was always sorrounded by police . She has a room where she keeps her things and when we had disagreements, she would rush to that room and I would run away with fear that she was going to pull out AK47 and kill me. No man can be with a woman who always makes threats and even owns a gun,” He said.

According to him, they were staying in her home which is based in Entebbe.  “I had my home in Kisaasi and another in Bukoto before we met and I shifted to her entebbe home after we became one. I later came to my home where I have been for years,” Katongole said.

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