Comedy at parliament as Ssegirinya Muhammed swears in

Sickish Kawempe North MP Muhammad Ssegiriinya has been sworn in as Kawempe North Member of Parliament.

Ssegirinya arrived into the country at 1.00 am on Thursday morning. This is the last swearing day for Members of Parliament. He won Latif Ssebagala and Suleiman Kidandala to become Kawempe North member of Parliament. He previously served as a councilor at the Kampala Capital City Authority.

He has been sick and was admitted in Nairobo and the United States of America just after he had returned from Kitalya Prison where he faced charges on the violation of Covid 19 guidelines.

His road to Parliament had been curtailed by his competitor Suleiman Kidandala who petitioned court that he had no requisite documents to become Member of Parliament.

He has spent more than two weeks in the United States of America seeking medication on his stomach complications. He got the complications days after he had been released from Kitalya Prison.

Well there has been increased exaggeration of Ssegirinya’s health complications as several of the media outlets across the country said he was in intensive care. Many claimed he had been poisoned.

The swearing in happened at 1.50 pm at Parliament.

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