“Zip up your mouth, I have Akram, he’s mine,” Shiekh Muzaata’s widow Kulthum responds to critics

Ayear after Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata’s death, his widow Kulthum is tired of living cold nights and she has decided to move on and give her heart to Akram Gumisiriza.


The couple got married in a traditional marriage ceremony that took place at Kulthum’s family in Magere over the weekend.

The marriage however didn’t impress a number of Ugandans who believe that Kulthum rushed. Some say that she should have waited for at least five years after her first husband’s death to get involved in relationships.

Akram – Kulthum’s new husband

During a phone interview, Kulthum revealed that she is not shaken by the critics because Gumisiriza already belongs to her.

“I’m not interested to know anything anyone is saying. I have Akram, Akram is mine. Actually, we are enjoying our honeymoon,” She said.

Additionally, Kulthum opened up about claims that Akram used 20M that he stole from his ex-wife Tasha to be introduced. She revealed that her husband brought many things to her family compared to the 20M in claims.

“That alleged 20M is very small compared to the things he brought home,” Kulthum stated.

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