“Ngenda kwogera ebyomukisenge bwotalekerawo kola bwenzi.” Lwasa atisizatisiza mukyala we Angel

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has come out to reveal the bitter truth about his marriage with troubled wife Angel Kwakunda. The two a few days ago confirmed their split after Angel was photographed kissing another man in public.

Lwasa has now revealed how he faced domestic violence in his own home by his own wife. He says that the year they spent together seemed small but it was hellish for him. Besides, Angel refused to give birth for him yet he was financing her all because she was still enjoying life. Lwasa also revealed that he never chased her away as she decided to walk away herself.

A disappointed Lwasa said that he hoped to spend his entire life of about 30 years with Angel but this won’t happen. He will however look for another woman to cook for him as Angel changed her ways gradually.

“I suffered a lot with that woman under my roof. It was like coming back to hell and I think I’m glad that she left. Besides she never wanted to give birth just like Diana Nabatanzi. I think they are always still enjoying life and everything seems new to them. Besides I didn’t chase Angel, I was away and I received a phone call that she hadn’t come back home for two consecutive days so I decided to let her go,” Lwasa

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