“I’ve never been dumped by a man, it’s me that dumps them,” Sheila Gashumba brags

City socialite and former NTV presenter Sheila Carol Gashumba is a young woman in her early twenties but who has tasted the wh00pers of half the number of men in the city.


The socialite has made a name for herself for notoriously hopping from one man to another with selfless abandon. Rapper Fik Fameika, Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan and Rapper Rickman Manrick are just the tip of the iceberg in as far as her love life is concerned. Sheila has had bad luck with men, but she insists she is not as unlucky but rather the men that are.


Responding to a follower on social media who wondered why such a romantic woman would have bad luck with men, with men running away from her, Sheila reiterated that it is not the men that dump her. She actually asserted that it is her that dumps men.

“Sheila can really give love to a man. I don’t know why men run away from her always……,” the followers commented.

However, Sheila took it upon herself to remind the follower to do his research, saying she doesn’t remember being left by a man.

“…lol I don’t remember any man running away from me though..do your research,” snapped Sheila.


This left many wondering whether Sheila indeed doesn’t get dumped or whether she has dated so many that she doesn’t even remember those that ran away from her.

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