Black Markets Records vows to put Nina Roz down as row over music ownership deepens

Singers Nina Roz and Bruno K appeared in the news crying out for help saying that their former music label Black Market Records (BMR) has wrongfully claimed their music and taken down the former’s YouTube channel.

According to them, the label is claiming ownership of their song titled “Nipe Love” which they recorded without its (label) contribution. They added that Black Markets has been collecting their royalties but only giving them a small amount of money hence deciding to quit.

Upon complaining, Nina Roz’s channel was allegedly suspended by the label.

But according to Oceanz, the Black Market Uganda CEO, Nina is spreading rumours, saying there is no truth in her allegations.

“Nina came with her Youtube channel and for us, we wanted an OAC (tick on YouTube channel) we opened up Vevo. If you upload a music video on Vevo, they also show it on YouTube. Nina has been in control of her YouTube channel.

We called the person handling it and asked for access and we uploaded things then he logged us out. If we put things on vevo, they reflect on Nina’s YouTube channel.

When we uploaded a song she hid her YouTube channel.

Why didn’t she come and complain that her channel disappeared? It means she has her channel,” Oceanz said during a phone interview with Spark TV.

Additionally, Oceanz said that the artists signed a 5 year contract,  which means that the label continues to have control over the two artistes until the contract expires.

“When you make an investment, you start getting your return in five years so they are still under that contract,” He said

Furthermore, the BMR boss vowed to do all it takes to take the musicians down.

“Reality is that they are going down. We are going to show them that we are powerful. Any artistes who work with those people, we shall take their songs down. Anything they do we shall put it down.

We are going against them and we are ready,” He fumed.

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