“Nkoye okubawulira nga mungerageranya ne Sheebah” Rahma Pinky yegayiridde abawagizi be

Team No Sleep new signing Rahmah Pinky is unhappy with Ugandans comparing her to singer Sheebah.


Rahmah Pinky replaced Sheebah at TNS and since the release of her first song dubbed “Superstar”, fans have been relating her voice and style of music to Sheebah.

In an interview, Pinky said she doesn’t sound like Sheebah and neither does she sing her style of music.

17 years old Pinky said she is starting her own legacy without copying anyone and fans should embrace her and listen to her music because it’s unique and good.

“Please Ugandans stop comparing me to Sheebah. She is a big artist and she built her legacy I think you should let me also build my own legacy. I don’t sound like Sheebah and I don’t sing her style of music,” Rahma Pinky said after releasing a six songs EP.

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