Chris Evans akambuwalidde abalingiriza omukwano gwe ne Brisher Kash

Singer Kaweesi Christopher also known as Chris Evans has requested the media not to interfere with his love life with Tik toker Brisher Kash.


Chris Evans and Brisher were spotted closer on social media something that left fans wondering what could be going on.

In an interview, Chris Evans was more clear saying Brisher is a good looking single young girl and he is also single something that gets them closer.

However, Evans requested the media not to interfere with their relationship because the more they ask him about love the more Brisher will lose interest in him.

“I don’t want the media to interfere with my love life with Brisher. The more you people keep asking me about love the more she will lose interest because when you ask I may reply something that is not pleasing and she will leave me. So I want you to sit and watch us grow in love without questions,” Chris Evans said.

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