Pray for Keko! Police rescues ailing star singer from her Canada appartment

On Monday evening, Canada-based Ugandan rapper Keko appeared in a live Instagram video looking terrible, with disorganized hair and a peeling face.


The “Make you dance” hitmaker was seen consuming alcohol while at the same time smoking cigarettes. She was drunk already and coughing hard but could not stop drinking.

Fans took to the comment section and advised her to go for rehab but their advice fell on deaf ears as she continued drinking and didn’t seem to understand that she was even alive.

Different social media users also posted on their accounts asking for those near her to go and help.

Now a new video has been released showing two police officers surrounding her in her room while asking her to turn off the live video.

At first, she insisted on staying alive but the police forced her to go off which she later did.

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