Rema, We Have Given You Only 5Years To Quit Music, You Are Nolonger A ‘Mukopi’, Tycoon Kirumira Vows

By Wycliff G; Kampala City Tycoon, Godfrey Kirumira has opened up on singer Rema Namakula’s future after officiating her bonking sessions with Dr. Hamza Sebunya, who is a son born in Kwagalana family on Thursday, 14th November 2019.

Kirumira who is Dr. Hamza Sebunya’s Godfather and also a member of the Kwagalana family revealed that he and the entire Kwagalana family have agreed that Rema Namakula continues with her music business for only 5years and after, she will have to concentrate on her family.

Kampala City Tycoon, Godfrey Kirumira

He also said that they have prepared the best for Rema after 5years that will make her never to regret quitting music but instead celebrate the day she got married in the Kwagalana family.

Rema, you have only 5years to stop singing, now that you are part of this family, you no longer have to sing like these Bakopi, go and make money then sit down and become a good housewife, we shall take good care of you,” said Kirumira.

The glamorous Kwanjula ceremony went down in Nabbingo, Wakiso district and was graced by top names in the country headed by the Buganda Kingdom Queen, Slyvia Nagginda.

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