NKOOYE!! Edogo ligenda kungoba mubyokuyimba – Hajjat Madinah bibuuza ayasizza ebyaama

In a recent interview with Spark TV, former Revival Band sensation Madina Kansiime Nambooze, affectionately known as Hajjat Madina, made a significant revelation, hinting at her imminent retirement from the music scene due to her exhaustion from battling witchcraft.

The renowned ‘Bibuuza’ singer opened up about her desire to step away from the spotlight in homage to her faith.

Hajjat Madina expressed her wish to dedicate her life to Allah, emphasizing that music does not align with the long-term path she envisions for herself. While she remained vague about the exact timeline for her musical exit, she made it clear that this decision resonates deeply with her spiritual journey.

Drawing inspiration from her religious beliefs, the singer highlighted that her faith discourages involvement in secular music. Notably, she referenced the departure of fellow artist Vicente Segawa, urging other Muslim musicians to consider a similar path.

Addressing concerns about her health, Hajjat Madina assured fans that she is on the road to recovery, although she admitted to ongoing struggles with heart complications. The singer candidly shared that healing from such issues takes time but affirmed her positive progress.

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