Spice Diana’s Manager Rogers Accused of Suppressing Other Artists’ Airplay through Media Payments

Singer Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega, find themselves embroiled in yet another controversy, drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

The latest accusation comes from KFM radio presenter Emeka the Romantic Mukiga, alleging that their camp pays media personalities to deny airplay to other artists.

The spark for this latest controversy ignited when local rapper Fik Fameica declared his intention to spearhead the Uganda Musicians Exhibition, akin to the ongoing Uganda Parliament Exhibition aimed at revealing the flaws within the music industry.

“I thank everyone for every pro-bono campaign. These campaigns are very healthy and productive, so it’s up to leaders to find solutions rather than putting citizens on the cross because they took part.

I’ve seen a lot from #UgandaParliamentExhibition. I will lead #UgandaMusicExhibition,” Fik Fameica expressed.

Emeka chimed in on Twitter, urging Fik Fameica to begin his exposé with Spice Diana, alleging that she and her manager engage in paying off media personalities to suppress the music of other artists.

This isn’t the first time such accusations have been hurled at Source Management, with Roger Lubega often at the center. The camp has faced allegations of attempting to undermine various artists, with Roger frequently leading these purported campaigns. Several artists, including Green Daddy and King Saha, have accused Roger of having malicious intentions.

Gravity Omutujju, Ziza Bafana, and others have also accused Roger of hypocrisy, raising questions about Spice Diana’s involvement and knowledge of these alleged tactics targeting competitors.

As controversies continue to swirl, many speculate about Spice Diana’s role in authorizing these actions against fellow artists, particularly those perceived as direct rivals. The saga unfolds, shedding light on the complexities within the Ugandan music scene.

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