KITALO!! Abantu 65 bafilidde mubebenje nabalala 338 nebatalibwa mu malwalilo mu week emu yoka

The Uganda Traffic Police has disclosed alarming statistics from the past week, revealing that 65 people lost their lives and 338 sustained injuries in road accidents across the country.

SP Kananura Michael, the Public Relations Officer for the Traffic and Road Safety Directorate, detailed the fatalities, highlighting that among the dead were:
– 29 motorcyclists
– 18 pedestrians
– 7 passengers in motor vehicles
– 4 passengers on motorcycles
– 3 pedal cyclists
– 3 others
– 1 driver

“Motorcycles alone contributed to 45% of the total fatalities,” SP Kananura stated.

He noted that the primary causes of these crashes were careless overtaking, accounting for 26% of the accidents, and speeding, which contributed to 19%.

In a particularly tragic incident on May 19, 2024, at 4:30 PM, a single-vehicle crash at the River Namatala bridge along Naboa-Butaleja Road claimed seven lives.

The vehicle, M/V UAM 969P T/IPSUM, was traveling from Mpigi to Butaleja with eight occupants when the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to plunge into the river. Seven passengers drowned, while the driver managed to escape through an open window, unharmed.

The bodies were recovered and taken to Budaka Health Center IV for postmortem examinations. The vehicle was towed to Budaka Police Station for inspection.

“The preliminary report indicates that the driver was fatigued and fell asleep, leading to the crash,” SP Kananura explained.

In response to the spate of accidents, the Traffic Police are intensifying operations to track Boda-bodas, especially those without reflective jackets and helmets, and those without valid licenses. Additionally, there will be crackdowns on illegal sirens, roof lights, modified lights, and violations of one-way rules. Road safety sensitization campaigns aimed at promoting behavioral change will continue.

SP Kananura highlighted upcoming events that may affect traffic flow, such as pilgrimages to Namugongo and the return of children to school. He urged all road users to exercise caution and follow road safety tips.

Pedestrians are advised to make themselves visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing and to adhere to traffic signals, signs, and designated crossing points. They should avoid distractions, stay alert, and use pedestrian paths where available.

For pilgrims, SP Kananura recommended moving in groups for easier monitoring, with traffic officers leading and handing over groups to the next set of officers along their route. He stressed the importance of keeping to the left side of the road, using footpaths where possible, and wearing high-visibility clothing.

“We encourage well-wishers to provide reflectors to pilgrims to ensure they are visible to motorists, especially at night,” SP Kananura added.

The Uganda Traffic Police remains committed to enhancing road safety and reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads.

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