“E verything about Sheebah is artificial” Spice Diana responds to Sheebah’s Sipimika

Source Management singer Spice Diana has taken to the recording studio to deliver a scathing response to her longtime rival, Sheebah, following Sheebah’s verse in the “Sipimika” remix with Yung Mulo.

The feud between these two artists has been simmering for some time, marked by a series of heated exchanges and personal jabs. In her upcoming track, Spice Diana has dropped a teaser where she directly addresses Sheebah with a barrage of insults and derogatory comments.

A 26-second audio clip obtained by this website reveals Spice Diana’s stern message to Sheebah, advising her against making comparisons between them. Spice Diana passionately urges Sheebah to stop disrespecting her and implores divine intervention to rid Sheebah of her malicious intentions.

In her track, Spice Diana takes aim at what she perceives as the inauthenticity of Sheebah’s persona, criticizing her Swag, Mama Dem image, Feminism, and Farmer Dem persona as artificial.

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