Sheila Gashumba Finally Wins Fight As Urban TV Suspends Tina Fierce’s ‘Scoop On Scoop’ Show

By Wycliff G; Prominent Urban TV presenter Christine Karungi alias Tina Fierce’s ‘Scoop On Scoop’ show has finally hit rock bottom after almost a month of endless criticism from socialite Sheila Gashumba.

It follows Urban TV management’s decision to have the gossip show suspended until further notice.

“Scoop On Scoop takes a season break, we shall be back soon. Big and Better!” stated Urban TV on its social media.

Tina Fierce

Tina Fierce has been in a stiff feud with Sheila Gashumba and her boy friend Ali Marcus Lwanga (Gods Plan) as they accuse of demeaning their dignity with false gossip stories about their lifestyle.

The pencil-sized digital influencer also revealed how Tina’s malicious acts against her ruined her career as she lost trust from her customers and followers, hence sending her into depression.

Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend Gods Plan

The couple had also gone further to file a lawsuit against Tina Fierce and her bosses with an extreme demand of Ugx. 400Million and an apology.

We are yet to establish a clear date on when the show will return but Urban TV claim it will be so close.

We will hold you posted with updates in this story