You’re Too Old To Be An Upcoming Artistes – Hajjat Kulthum Responds To Olisha M

The widow of the late Sheikh Muzaata, Hajjat Kulthum Nabunya, is making waves in the entertainment scene, particularly with her recent remarks about artiste Olisha M. She openly criticized the singer, suggesting that Olisha M is past the point of being labeled an “upcoming artist” and accused her of seeking attention on social media.

In response, Olisha M fired back, alleging that Kulthum was involved in the release of Pretty Nicole’s controversial videos. Olisha M asserted that Hajjat had no authority to comment on Pretty Nicole’s situation.

However, Kulthum’s connection to Pretty Nicole runs deeper than mere speculation. She has been a caregiver to the young girl, even stepping in to pay her school fees during her primary school years.

Despite this, tensions arose when Nicole began residing with Kulthum, as her mother expressed dissatisfaction with the way Nicole was being instructed to dress.

Given her involvement in Nicole’s life, Olisha M argued that Kulthum should have offered support rather than exposing the young girl. Olisha M emphasized the importance of uplifting and guiding individuals to better themselves.

In response to Olisha M’s criticism, Hajjat Kulthum asserted that the singer’s own career failures disqualify her from commenting. While acknowledging Olisha M’s vocal prowess, Kulthum suggested that the singer would be better suited to a role as a mentor, particularly within Kulthum’s charitable initiatives focused on girls’ welfare.

“Who is Olisha M? I am not familiar with her beyond hearing her speak. She possesses a good voice and could serve as a mentor to my girls. However, she has lingered as an upcoming artist for far too long,” remarked Hajjat Kulthum.

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