“Who Are You To Lend President Museveni Money?” Jennifer Full Figure Blasts Bryan White.

As advice keeps flying in from all angles towards Bryan White and his team, Full Figure has added her voice as she urges the city moneybag to go back to the source of his money in Italy and get more to solve his financial woes.

Bryan White was arrested and detained over the weekend for accumulated debts. His cars and other property were confiscated and he has been under police custody all this while.

Some sources claim that the city moneybag was arrested for statements he made against the president saying that he demands money from him which he used in projects related to the ruling party; the National Resistance Movement.

Jeniffer Nakagubi, a singer and acclaimed supporter of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni trashed claims that Bryan White is demanding money from the NRM.

She revealed that Bryan White has no established source of income apart from the stories he has managed to preach to media about his attachments to a rich family in Italy.

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“Who are you to lend money to the president? How much money do you have on your account? You do not even have a tomato selling business to enable you make profits of Shs 3,500 but you claim to have lent money to the president just because you got a selfie with his brother. It’s wrong. He should go back to Italy and get more money to solve his troubles rather than involving the president of the country in his matters.” said a rather irritated Full Figure.