NSONGA YA WIRE? Carol Nantongo Finally Reveals Why She Fell Out With Best Friend Lydia Jazmine

Singer Carol Nantongo has recently opened up about the reasons behind her falling out with her long-time best friend, fellow singer Lydia Jazmine. In a candid revelation, she disclosed her current stance on female friendships, expressing a lack of trust in women’s ability to keep confidences.

Formerly inseparable, Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo shared a close bond, frequently seen together in various social settings. However, their friendship took a sudden downturn several months ago, leading to speculation but no official explanation at the time.

Rumors circulated, suggesting a connection to Eddy Kenzo, but both singers vehemently denied any romantic involvement with him, asserting that he was simply a supportive friend.

According to Carol Nantongo, the root cause of her disillusionment with female friendships lies in a breach of trust. She laments that her secrets were not kept secure among her female companions, leading to feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

Consequently, she has distanced herself from forming close bonds with women and now finds solace in the companionship of men, whom she perceives as more adept at safeguarding confidences.

In her own words, Carol Nantongo expressed her reluctance to forge new female friendships, citing a pervasive sense of mistrust towards women.

She emphasized the importance of confidentiality in relationships and highlighted her preference for male companionship, viewing them as more reliable confidants in her life.

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