Ex – Manager Spills Geosteady, Hindu Kay Love Secrets And Why Their Marriage Crashed

When the curtain falls, sometimes it reveals more than just a stage. In the case of singer Geosteady, the unmasking of his private life has come courtesy of his former booking manager, Jose Famous, who has stepped forward to share the untold story of Geosteady’s tumultuous romance with his now estranged girlfriend, Hindu Kay.

Jose Famous, once a trusted member of Geosteady’s team, made the decision to part ways professionally to pursue his own singing career.

Yet, his departure has now led him to lift the lid on the secrets he witnessed during his time working closely with the singer.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, Jose Famous did not hold back, shedding light on the rocky relationship between Geosteady and his girlfriend, which ultimately led to their separation.

Among the revelations was the accusation leveled against Jose himself, with Geosteady alleging that Jose had been involved romantically with his girlfriend.

However, Jose vehemently denied these claims, instead suggesting that it was Geosteady who had been unfaithful, citing numerous instances of infidelity.

Speculation swirled as to the catalyst behind Hindu’s decision to leave, with many pointing to Geosteady’s alleged indiscretions as the cause.

The situation reached a breaking point when Hindu, five months pregnant at the time, chose to vacate their shared home, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions.

The saga of Geosteady’s romantic entanglements has been a public affair, with his previous relationship with Prima Kardashi garnering attention before his union with Hindu.

Their decade-long love story, which resulted in the birth of two daughters, came to a bitter end before Geosteady found himself entangled in a new chapter with Hindu.

As Jose Famous lays bare the details of Geosteady’s personal life, the singer himself remains silent, leaving the public to speculate on the truth behind the allegations.

Yet, one thing remains certain – the unveiling of Geosteady’s private affairs has captivated audiences, promising to keep them on the edge of their seats as the story unfolds.

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