Ladies Man Ddumba Curses DJ Roja And Slickstuart For Striking And Closing His YouTube Channel Because Of Copyright.

Forgetting that everything you post on YouTube is automatically copyrighted, social media song covers musician Ddumba Muzafaru has ridiculed city DJ’s Slick Stuart and Roja after reporting his YouTube videos and closing his channel.

The Canadian based Ugandan Semyekozo, Ddumba has for the past times attracted a lot of attention and became more famous as a shadow talented social media musician and comedian who gives that much hype to our own local music content by doing covers and later go on to promote the content worldwide.Image may contain: 1 person

Sadly, the Chief Whip of the Love Niggas cabinet a few days lost his YouTube account after being taken down by the management for copyright infringement

This resulted after three companies coming out to claim for copyright infringement mention Monster Records from Rwanda and DJ Slick Stuart and Roja from Uganda thereby forcing the management of YouTube to close his accountImage may contain: 2 people

Ddumba has shown his disappointment at fellow citizens, DJ Roger and Slick Stuart for exhibiting a lot of negativity to see to it that his YouTube account is taken down for copyright infringement of their ‘Sunday’ music audio yet they have been also enjoying and subscribing to his content.

Given the fact that they don’t pay for music that they usually play in night hang outs and ceremonies, Ddumba asserts that Dj Stuart and Roja wouldn’t be that mean and indifferent to the extent of doing whatever they could to take down his 8000 followed YouTube channel where he was making any money from for survival

Through a short video recording that he has posted on his Facebook official account, the father of three has showed some positivity by assuring fans and followers how he has not given up and ready to take on Slick Stuart and Roger in any way possible having opened up a new YouTube channel.