Chameleone Kicked Halima Namakula Out Of Studio – Producer Baur

By Website writer; The fresh feud between Legendary singer Jose Chameleone and producer Diggy Baur has not clicked its climax like you many seem to understand.

The wounded producer Baur is currently on rampage of unmasking all secrets he has ever shared with Chameleone as a revenge for having assaulted him on Tuesday at his studio in Luwafu, Makindye – Kampala.

Producer Diggy Baur and Jose Chameleone

In an anguish mood during Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show, Baur revealed how Jose Chameleone eroded legendary female singer Halima Namakula’s reputation when he kicked her out of studio for his selfish interests.

Baur says Chameleone began by demeaning Halima’s music that she was recording, ordering him (Baur) to stop her session as he branded her an out dated singer.

Legendary singer Halima Namakula

Chameleone’s ‘Baliwa’ song producer also asserts that it has been the singer’s routine of disrespecting other fellow musicians once he finds them busy recording their music in studios.

He also emphasizes on bearing witness from fellow music producers and studio officials, whom Chameleone has repeatedly harassed without any clear reasons.

Watch video here (courtesy of Sanyuka TV);

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